– $1000 Gift Card – Loblaws Survey – If your idea is implemented, not only will you get $5,000, but you’ll also have a say in which products acquire stock. – $1000 Gift Card – Loblaws Survey

We’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment right now to fill out our survey. Prize money is at risk, but participation is required to win. Loblaw is curious to hear shoppers’ thoughts on the grocery store.

Consumers who have recently made a purchase from any Loblaws location are eligible to take part in the store’s customer satisfaction survey at

Follow this detailed tutorial to complete the storeopinion-ca survey.

To begin the Loblaws customer satisfaction survey, please go to You have reached Loblaws’ online forum for consumer comments. You may redeem by opening the receipt and entering the code written on it.

Please hit the next arrow button to proceed with the survey. bloblaw In the future, you should be more candid when responding to questions from the internet community. While you’re here, think about and review your Lobster experience.

Take into account how Loblas performed in the following categories when deciding how to rank the company: customer service, product quality, staff friendliness, atmosphere, cleanliness of location, etc.

We at Loblaws would really appreciate your candid assessment of our work so far. Don’t forget to sign off and leave your contact information.

Provide your complete name, postal address, email address, and any other information that may be essential to join the Loblaw’s Contest.

Please use the SUBMIT button after you have completed the form. The name you provided will be entered into a drawing for a $1,000 PC gift card.

Awards and gratifications

If you take the time to fill out the Loblaws Storeopinion survey, you’ll be entered into a competition for a chance to win some great prizes. Winners may either between $1000 in cash or 1,000,000 PC Optimum Points.

If you have one of these gift cards, you may use it at any Loblaws. Two lucky winners will be chosen at random each month to take home one of the aforementioned rewards. The sum of all monthly incentives adds up to $2000 every year.

Each of the following prizes will be awarded to two winners each month, for a total of 24 winners.

You may win a $1,000 PC gift card.

If you come in second, you’ll get 1,000,000 PC Optimum Points.

Constitutional and Statutory Requirements

  • There is no charge to enter, and no money is required to collect the prize. Documentation establishing your right to reside in Canada is required. Minimum age is 18 years old.
  • You must be a paid PC Optimum Member to earn PC Plus points.
  • During each monthly drawing, only one reward will be awarded per household. Each recipient may only take part in one survey.
  • If a store gives you a receipt, please respond to the survey no later than seven days from the date on the receipt. There will be no substitutions for any of the prizes. Regardless of the amount, the winner must cover all tax obligations.
  • We welcome your visits at any time. To find out more, go to Dial 1-800-531-2928 if you need to get in touch with us for assistance. One submission per individual meeting the requirements will be entered into the drawing to keep things simple.
  • No current or former Loblaws employees, directors, or members of their immediate families may participate in the company’s customer satisfaction survey.

With reference to the company storeopinion-ca

In Canada, Loblaw Companies Ltd operates the most successful chain of supermarkets. There are pharmacies, banks, and department shops among their 22 regional and market category brands (including Loblaws).

The Loblaw Private Label programme sells a wide variety of apparel, baby items, medications, mobile phones, general merchandise, and even financial services, in addition to the usual fare of groceries and home goods.

The provinces of Atlantic Canada are serviced by Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd., while the rest of Ontario is covered by National Grocers Co. Ltd., and the rest of Quebec is covered by Provigo Inc.

Loblaw has three food distribution subsidiaries: Westfair Foods Ltd., which serves Western and Northern Ontario, National Grocers Co. Ltd., which covers the rest of Ontario, and Provigo Inc.

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Established in 1889, Loblaw’s is the largest grocery chain in Canada with headquarters in Brampton, Ontario.

Customers may visit one of our many locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario. John Milton Cork and Theodore Loblaw founded the company that would one day be known as Loblaw Company in 1919.

More than a hundred of its stores may be found throughout Canada, and it is presently owned by Loblaw Companies.


We have some exciting news for those of you who have been following and the Loblaw Grocery Survey with interest.

We appreciate your time and work, so in return for your comments on our online store, we’re offering you the opportunity to win $1,000 in PC gift cards or 1 million PC Optimum points. FAQs

  • As compared to similar businesses, what makes Loblaws exceptional?

Answer – Canada dominates the global markets for both food and pharmaceuticals. Since 1919, they have been aiming to enhance the grocery shopping experience for Canadians. To enhance the lives of Canadians, the current mission is to become a worldwide leader in food, health, and beauty.

  • Where do Loblaws get their merchandise?

Answer – As a result, throughout the growing season, over half of the fruit sold at Loblaws’ many locations, including Loblaws, Zehrs, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, and others, is grown inside Canada. Owing to the narrow growing season, Canadian farmers have traditionally focused on a few main crops.

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